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Ball Mill
The Ball Mills offered by us are made to grind the solid as well as semi-solid materials in a fine and uniform way. The materials these can process are cement, rocks, stones and others. Their construction is resistant to scratches, backdrops, water, chemicals etc.
Steel Vessel
Steel Vessels are designed to run into various industries’ applications. These are apt for the storage, boiling and several other processes. Made from optimum quality steel, these can capably resist the water, stains, chemicals and het.
Air Blower
The Air Blowers produce compacted air that provide functionality in numerous industries. Their capacity to deliver balanced as well as consistent airflow allow them to optimize the productivity.
Formaldehyde Plant
Formaldehyde Plants offered by us are mainly demanded in the chemical handling industry. The plant is divided into several units so as to execute the processes of methanol evaporation, catalytic reaction and others.
Steel Chimney
The Steel Chimneys are apt for various procedures, especially in the applications asking for reduced heat working. The brief heat-up time and the availability in distinctive models make them demanded in different industries.
Instrument Trolley
The Instrument Trolleys are the highly portable and functional trolleys, provided with high level of functionality. Their rust resistant nature make them demanded for different applications. 
Zinc Oxide Plant
The Zinc Oxide Plants are apt for the chemical handling industries and ensure outstanding resistance to rot, chemical corrosion, rusting and others. These are widely demanded in the chemical industry for performing exceptional level of functionality.  
LPG And PNG Gas Equipments
Offered LPG And PNG Gas Equipments are crucial for gas and fuel industries. These are utilized for producing as well as storing the gases as well as other allied materials in different industrial applications. These are supplied with dimensional stability and resistance against high temperature and pressures.
Bitumeen Tank
The Bitumeen Tanks are used for storing the bitumen and boast of excellent insulation properties. Due to this, these can prevent the loss of heat and assist in maintain the temperature for storage of bitumen.